Frequently Asked Questions and Answers!

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Q. What is the price for this service?

A. After your free 30-day trial, it is only $9.98 per month. [See our online special!] Click Here!


Q. Can I cancel after the 30-day trial period?

A. Sure, if this program doesn’t work for you, simply mark cancel on the request form we send you.


Q. What would my webpage address look like?

A. Example: if your business is Joe's Pizza, your website address will be


Q. For example, if my business name is Joe's Pizza, can I have a webpage name

A. Yes, but there is an upfront fee for a domain registration. The cost will vary depending on if your domain name is available.


Q. How will I be billed?

A. We bill monthly via PayPal, which is a secure online credit card processing company.


Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. Yes, if you pay yearly, we will give you a 20% discount.


Q. Do your company help in advertising my business online?

A. Yes, after your first month payment, MBDOL.COM will start advertising your webpage in our Featured Business section. Your business will be advertised in rotation with other businesses.



Q. Why is there advertisement on my webpage?

A. Our service is ad-supported. Which means to help offer you a low monthly rate, we added advertising on the webpage to keep your monthly rate low.


Q. Can I get a webpage with no advertisement?

A. Yes, but it will have to be at the regular monthly rate. We can quote you a rate.


Q. Can I get a webpage for shorter period of times?

A. Yes, we can offer you an online present in increments of 3, 6 or 9 months. We can quote you a rate.


Q. Will my visitor be able to see my webpage on their mobile phone as well as their desk top computer?

A. Yes, they will! This includes any Tablets, Laptops, Kindles or any mobile device.



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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers!

Video Announcer!


Q. Why is it called Video Announcer?

A. You can easily record a video, directly from your cell phone, and it will appear online. In the video, you can announce anything you what!


Q. How do I get the Video Announcer on my website?

A. Once you sign up, we will provide you a small file that your web master can install in less than 5 minutes and you are set.


Q. How do I record my videos?

A. You will be provided a login webpage and password to record your video. You will control it all from your cell phone.


Q. Are there any time limits on when I can update my video?

A. NO, you can update it anytime. Even if you are on vacation J As long as you have your cell phone, you can do it!


Q. How long of a video I can record?

A. We recommend not longer than 30-seconds. [About the average time of a TV commercial.]


Q. What if I want to record over 30-seconds?

A. If you greatly need to record over 30-seconds, we can arrange this at a nominal cost.


Q. How do I pay for additional recordings?

A. Once you decide to make another recording, you will be prompted to check out and pay with a Credit Card or PayPal. After that, the recording button will appear.


Q. After I finish my recording, how long will it be before the video shows up?

A. Once you hit the Submit button, the video will instantly appear on your Video Announcer Page. However, after about 72 hours, that video will convert to a YouTube format.


Q. Will the Video Announcer Page be permanent part of my website?

A. NO, we are using what is called iFrame, it has the Video Announcer Page at the top and iFrame your website URL at the bottom. To have the Video Announcer Page appear on your website home page, your web master will have to install a small file, which takes less than 5 minutes, to redirect to our website which as the Video Announcer Page with your website together. We cannot change anything you’re website. This is if you would like to have the Video Announcer Page on your home page.


Q. What are some alternatives of using the Video Announcer Page on my website?

A. We will create a webpage with the Video Announcer Page and your website, your web master and provide a link to it and your visitors will it including the Video Announcer Page, which you will control.


Q. I don’t have a website; can I still get a Video Announcer Page?

A. Yes you can, we can create a one page webpage with your general information. Also, we can the video of your Video Announcer Page directly within the webpage.


Q. How many times I can update my Video Announcer Page with a new video?

A. There is no limit, you can update it as often as you like.


Q. What is the cost for this service?

A. Your first recording is free after you sign up; any additional recordings are just $45.


Q. Is the $45 a monthly fee?

A. NO, you only pay each time you use it.


Q. Does it cost to sign up?

A. NO, just fill in the required information and we will have you setup in less than 72-hours.



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