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www.mbdol.com, My Business Directly Online was designed to allow advertisers, like yourself, to have more control over your online ads. You can do all this from your mobile phone.

Once you create an account with us, we will actively get visitors to your online ads [specials]. We primarily use Facebook and Twitter to get you visitors.

You will receive a Quick Response Code [QR Code] which can be used in any prints or letters you mail out. This QR code can be placed on your ad, which a visitor can allow someone to scan it and they will have a copy of your ad on their mobile phone.

Your ad will have a share button from Facebook and Twitter. If you are running an online special, your visitors can easily share it with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. This means, more visitors for you!

From your mobile phone, you can take five pictures, any time you want.

Enter your company name, address and phone number. Your visitors can call you directly from your ad.

We are offering this great service for an incredibly low price of only $9.98 a month. However, to show business owners like yourself, how beneficial this service can be to your bottom line, we are giving away to the first 50 people to sign up a free account. You also get any future upgrades, just for signing up.

View the 1 minutes and 55 seconds video below. Then, click on the link to test it for yourself.

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